A Life Without Regrets

Do you live with any regrets? This morning I awoke thinking about my life: what I have done and what I wish I could change. This is understandable since I am nearing the big 50 and my family and I are making a major move from the West Coast to the East Coast within theContinue reading “A Life Without Regrets”

You Big Baby

Imagine a newborn child; he is born healthy, all of his members and faculties are in working condition. As time progresses, the infant’s body seems to be developing normally but when it is time to crawl, he does not. When it is time to walk, he cannot since he has never developed the muscles andContinue reading “You Big Baby”

Who Do You Think Jesus Is?

  I have never made religious affiliation or belief in God a prerequisite for friendship. So, throughout my life I have had some very good friends who believe very differently than I do. (Some of my atheist, agnostic or anti-Christianity friends may be reading this blog and I want you to know that I loveContinue reading “Who Do You Think Jesus Is?”