Created to Worship


In 2014, our church spent the whole year focusing on worship. Although I was sure that this was the direction that God was leading us toward, I was unsure that I could glean enough biblical material on this topic to last 52 Sundays. At year’s end, I still had a plethora of sermons to share and could easily have continued for another couple of years. What I found was that the Bible has a lot to say about worship beginning in Genesis and continuing through the Revelation. Today I would like to share just one thought that I uncovered that has transformed me and the way I view life, worship and work.Continue reading “Created to Worship”

Study the Word: Spoudazo


Twenty plus years ago, I sat in my first Biblical Languages class at LIFE Bible College in San Dimas, CA. I was fascinated by what I was learning. Every morning the Professor would begin our class with a devotional drawn from a word study of the original languages. Continue reading “Study the Word: Spoudazo”